Saturday, September 25, 2010


I am going to try this blogging thing again. It seemed to help me before, so I am going to give it another try. I was doing really well since last January, and then over the summer I just kind of stopped going to the gym. I put some pounds back on, but am in the process of going back to the gym to lose it and continue on with my goals. I can't let one little road block stop me completely. I'm back on track, and doing pretty well. And, I am looking forward to reaching my goals. :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Steps

I called our YMCA (I am a member :o)... something I've done right), and enrolled myself in to the MobileFit program. How MobileFit works is you enter all of your information (weight, height, your goal weight, if you want to lose weight, build muscle, stay how you are, etc.), and then the system automatically creates a workout for you. It changes it up each time, and incorporates the different equipment the Y has to offer. You can also decide you don't like a piece of equipment and take it off of your workout. I also asked about MobileFitNutrition. It sounds pretty good, and costs $6/month less than Weight Watchers did. How this works is the system creates a weekly meal plan for you based on the foods you do/do not like, so there is no thinking involved. All you have to do is follow the meal plan created, and you are good to go. That is very appealing to me because I struggle with what to make, and get bored so easily because I eat the same food over and over and over. Which, is not the smartest thing to do when trying to lose weight. If what you're doing gets old, then you obviously aren't likely to stick with the "program" you are doing. I will have to wait until March to join the MobileFitNutrition, but I am excited about it. Anything that makes this easier on me, the better off I am, and the more success I will probably see. I'm very excited about the possibilities this program offers, and am looking forward to it helping me even more. I'd say I'm on pretty good track... for my first "hard core" day! :o)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Goals for the week of 2/8-2/12

Every Sunday night I am going to start posting my goals for the week. When I post my new goals for the next week, I will also say what goals I did/did not accomplish for the previous week. Here are my goals for this week:

* Drink 3 32oz. glasses of water per day
* Take 3 Omega-3 supplement pills per day
* Stay within 1300 cals each day
* Write down food taken in each day
* Do 30 mins. of cardio on the treadmill 3xs this week
* Do weights at least twice this week... just to get started
* Take "beginning" photo of myself (a new one will be taken the 8th of every month)

Please, pray with me. I know I can be successful. I have to stick with this. I've already lost 30lbs. and I can't wait to lose even more!! :o)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

update and over-riding

sooo.... i have officially lost 31lbs.!!! yay!!!!! i'm really proud of myself, and cannot wait to see how far i can go. i have decided, however, to over-ride my doctor with the diet pill. it was making me dizzy, and after reading up on it, i would feel more comfortable not using it to assist me. if i really watch what i eat, drink a ton of water, exercise, and lean on God to help me, i know i'll be successful regardless. can't wait for another great update :o)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The *Plan*

So it's pretty obvious that I have been struggling with losing weight and getting healthy. I've tried different strategies, and haven't had much success. I've started counting calories instead of doing Weight Watchers, and that has seemed to help. But, I went to a new doctor... one who seems interested in helping me get this weight off, unlike the previous doctor I was seeing... and we have come up with a plan. The plan includes

* prayer
* focusing on God
*1200 calories/day {yikes}
* a pill to help me get started {hopefully I won't be on that long}
* lots of water ... like 100ozs. lots
* lots of fruits and veggies
* lots of exercise with pasta and cheese {my two loves} an hour before I work out
* and finally.... no surgery!! I had been contemplating it, and my parents had been encouraging it, but the doc said no.way.

There ya have it... I go back to see her every 30 days, so that will help keep me accountable. I'm excited, and am looking forward to being successful. I have a doctor who is on my side, and who wants what is best for me. She said we will get through this together.... isn't that lovely?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Can't Wait

This week has sucked. Plain and simple. Sucked. But I only gained 2lbs. back of my 10, so that isn't sooo horrible. However, I'm back on track and ready.... cuz I found these....

Oh I can't wait to get skinny!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


so.... i haven't been doing a good job at keeping track on here like i said i was going to; however, i have lost 10 pounds! i'm so so so excited. i didn't even do a wonderful job this week at tracking points, drinking all of my water, eating all my fruits/veggies, etc. i've just been eating in moderation, and it's really helping. i can get back on track with everything else this new week. i also stepped on a snowflake cookie cutter that my gorgeous little munchkin left in the middle of our bedroom floor, so my foot was cut open for most of the week. it was hard to walk around during school let alone try to get on the treadmill and bust it there.

i did have some accomplishments this week that i am proud of, too. yesterday, all 3 of my classes had a "coffee house" party at school. they each had to do a book report, and then had to present it. while the kids were presenting, everyone enjoyed hot chocolate, iced brownies, cinnamon rolls, donuts, more brownies, cupcakes, blueberry muffins, more cookies, and all other kinds of yummy stuff. i, however, kept myself under control. i did have a cinnamon roll, but it wasn't very big, and then i ate a donut. i went home last night and kept myself under control with dinner, too. usually i would have had a brownie, a cupcake, a cinnamon roll, a donut, rice krispy treats, and some hot chocolate. but, i didn't. which makes me proud. very proud.

next week will be better as far as everything else goes. i want to keep this going. it's been amazing hopping on the scale and seeing the numbers decrease every couple days. it's been an encouragement for sure. and, i'm looking forward to shopping in the regular women's department in the department stores instead of in the plus department. i'm lovvvviiiiiinnnnngggg it! and, i've been doing my devotions, which makes me have more confidence and encouragement while i am on this journey.